Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moonlight Shadows

A morning view from my back porch.

"Please return to your seats and prepare for landing," sounding from one of the stewardesses jarred me from my peaceful rest on flight#31 from Portland to Anchorage. As I peered out the little window, the moon illuminated the dark night and reflected off the silky ocean below. A long island below looked familiar..."Could it be, weare flying over Prince William Sound," I thought to myself. I tapped into my mental chart of the Sound, "this island must be Montague..." Soon I recognized the snow capped mountains of Knight Island, Culross, Blackstone Bay, and finally the lights leading to and from Whittier tunnel. As our plane sliced through the cold black night, a shadow below traveled by moonlight with us. Much closer to the ground a small shadow plane joined us through the sound, over the mountains and over icy Turnagin Arm, until finally landing on the airway in Anchorage. 

What a gift to travel through the night over a beautiful land revealed below.

I am home in the snowy land of the north, where ice covered mountains and a sea of burgs meet, showing off in a fine arts show. 

I am home for a month...

I am home to explore;

I am home, living in another world;

I am home to breathe fresh air;

I am home to love those so dear to me, my family and my friends.


Winz said...

prince william??

Kelly Jo said...

Ya, It is an portion of the ocean...more or less a large body of water with many islands...I great up sailing with my family in Prince William Sound and have been to many of the uninhabited islands. :)

hidupituindah said...

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