Thursday, October 9, 2008

Summer Lovin'

I am excited to think about teaching in the future. What a wonderful new dream that has been placed on my heart. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than working with Indonesian students for my TESOL practicum. There is such a joy and life among these students. I miss the bursts of laughter from these little ones. 

They are such a wonderful group of laughing and smiling kids...

and I see so much potential and life with each one of these kids. 

Above: I got to take photos with each class at this primary school I visited a few times while living with a family in Madiun in East Java. The girl in the red outfit, is Titis and I had the privilege of tutoring her a bit, she is bright and I know could change this world! 

Bottom photo: I remember meeting with a group of teachers in Madiun and these students were bursting at the door seams. I couldn't resist and I left the teachers to Mike and joined the first they appeared malu (shy) but they warmed up to this silly bule (white person) and enjoyed running in and out of my photos! 

What a peaceful though to think that I get to go back to this land of familiar laughter...though I was there such a short time, I feel such a connection with the people and Indonesian way of life. I'm ready to continue exploring the many islands, faces, and cultures of Indonesia. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Wine Fall Retreat

A couple of weeks ago, I and my fellow interns joined Dr. Metzger and his family as well as "uncle" Ron and his wife Linda for a much needed escape from the city to a quaint little cabin up at Mt. Hood. I forgot how much growing up in Alaska near trees impacted say the least being surrounded by green trees and the sound of a rushing river stimulated my senses and gave me some much needed refreshment. I really love the concrete grey hues, steel bridges, and industrial areas of Portland...but sometimes I long to get back to my senses in the midst of pristine beauty...aka the forest. Anyways it was a great weekend of bonding, intense learning, and started the ball rolling on several of our projects for the year! Yippy! 

Check out New Wine, New Wine Skins to hear what we are all about!    

Us lovely ladies in the kitchen. We cooked some mighty good food, can you say, "French toast bake and  spiced up nutmeg burgers?!"

Oh yes, I forgot to mention ... there was no fun involved. We were complete slaves in the kitchen... (minus the laughing historically part) 

We learned to share the kitchen space and let BD get in on some sweet cooking action. 

They waited ever so eloquently while the smell of nutmeg wafted from the grill...

Life can't get much better than gathering around a campfire with friends... 
capping the evening off with s'mores and a round of truth or dare 

Ready, steady, go....

Hiking time! Mt. Hood is beautiful and I will get to the top one day but for now...

Ramona Falls will have to suffice.  

Because I am pretty sure this is one of the most breath-taking falls I have hiked to, at least in Oregon. The way the sun beamed off the falling water and danced its heart out until rainbows dazzled us in the cooling mist...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How I really feel today...

It only takes one rain for the blooms to open up for the leaves to unfold. The land that was of barren grey is evolving. It is the pretty green, the color that is stained on your shoes after you have mowed the lawn. It’s a new season. A new spirit of life has awaken and is alive. I feel it in the cool breeze of the night as it brushed my skin …
I want nothing more but to burst out and yell. To yell with the intense joy that encompasses new life, new breath, and new adventure. It’s a new day on this dancing journey.

Hide in the Light

I found this in my old folder of writing...I think it is a few years old.
I'm not sure what exactly I was writing about, but I reread this and
was encouraged to remain in the Light, to hide in the Light.

What makes the light so beautiful,
the shade so nice, and the reflections so real that they are too close to touch?
The photograph ripped in shreds…
the pieces left on the dusty floor
yet still whole in spirit.
Confusion and strife attack the being,
insecurities wavier a high price.
They take your grounds, your confidence, your trust
The way you feel the next day,
the way you stare…
It’s all the same when locked away.
That attic looks mighty fine
And the dusty chest looks like a good place to hide
Emotions are too great.
Cut them out and lock them away,
Get them out of mind ...
They only cloud the air
Causing dust to rise
But what if it wasn’t the emotion,
tt was the serpent sneaking through the mind
Not able to run fast enough
It went in for the kill
It stole the being making himself whole.
Parched of love and full of blood
All was right and he went to bed
Back at home laid a girl on the floor
The door was locked from the outside in.
She cried and cried and gave up the fight
Sat there shaking with fright

“Don’t cry, don’t cry,”
said a voice.
“Not all is lost
I hope you know that.”

“What?” the little one asked.

“Dry your tears, dry your tears," again she heard this voice.

“I don’t understand, who are you, why do you bother with me,
I’m not who you think I am, my soul is gone and im too close to failure.
The boy ripped out my heart and stomped on it.
The woman screamed her head off at me when I looked her way
The money was just on the street, I swear I needed it…I was hungry
I slept in the snow and then I found this house….empty and cold but better than out
I crawled up here, where the heat rises hoping to find somewhere to rest my eyes
Someone played a joke on me, locked me in
I was left alone once again.
Must I go on? I am not worth your wait.
Can’t you see, leave me be,
leave me be so I can cry.”

“I know you, I have been watching you for a long while.
I have been waiting and I will wait.”

“Are you stocking me too? “

“No, just waiting for you to be ready. Waiting for this day when you would lay broken on the floor.”

“Who are you?” the little girl asked.

“The light you hide from, the person who smiles at you on the streets at night.
I am in the leaves of the forest and the waves of sea, your Father, that you have not looked to see. Here I am in front of you, calling you from the shadows.
Be in my picture that captures eternity All I ask is for you to be free.
Give me your burdens. Cast off the chains.
Be free to let me take care of you,
To keep watching over thee.”