Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ambonese Cuisine: Ikan

Ambon is the land of fresh fish!

I ate ikan (fish) every day in Ambon! My friend lives right off the ocean and the fisherman unload their mornings catch near to her house. I loved to wake up early and watch the fisherman out on the water fishing and then watch as they come in and start selling all sorts of fish.

Unloading the fish...come and get a looksy.

I am not sure what kind of fish these little guys are, but I am pretty sure they resemble herring...which I have only used for bait in the past, catching nummy salmon...however, I actually really like these fish...I think I like pretty much any fish. 

More fish and traditional Ambonese food there is mixed vegetable and jack fruit in the large bowl and sweet/hot sambal for the fish in the other bowl. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fascinating Children

Welcome to Jakarta! I am living in East Jakarta with the Napitupulu family and I am also teaching English at two different schools. Lucky for me and my love for children, the house is conveniently shares land with two schools full of anak-anak (children). I have found that with the lack of people I know in this big city, I am making fast friends with the children and teachers at Pilar Bangsa, one of the schools here...and I don't even teach there!


These are some of the primary school students and the K-2 class (in white shirts) I have gotten close to. While I was away for two weeks, the K-2 class drew pictures and wrote corresponding captions and then gave them to me. They were about Ms. Kelly and Ms. T (their teacher and a close friend here in Jakarta. I love to hang out with these kids during their recess!