Friday, August 21, 2009

Farewell and Family Lovin'

Yesterday, a large part of my family took me to the airport to wish me well and see me off. It was a hard day and I still feel like I just arrived in Indonesia and I can't believe I was there for nearly 4 months. I quickly become one of the Napitupulu daughters and the love given to me from my aunties, cousins, and immediate family is incredible. Here are some photos from our last minutes at the airport. Photos are from my cousin/dear sister Priscilla! 

This is the Jatiwaringin (my street) crowd! Pak Edu and Ibu Indah (my host parents), Edwin, Hanny, Priscilla, family!

My aunties! tante Lilit and tante Dottie.

My cousin Catlin and me.

Priscilla and me! We are a good duo!
This is Beatrice and me...we like to have fun!  One of my cousins! 

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Winz said...

Aww thank you for coming and becoming a part of our family, Sis! :D I hope we all can visit you in Oregon or Alaska someday :-)