Sunday, November 14, 2010

Revival of the Blog

I gave up my blog to start a blog with my dear friend, Beatrice. We blogged to keep each other in the loop while living our crazy adventurous lives half a world apart. I certainly couldn't keep up with it and lost the drive after joining the present realities of the 21st century when I got a 4g Iphone. Now the two of us talk much more and text throughout our days...

This is going to be my attempt at sharing my journey through my photography, stories and poetry. I hope to share my heart for the nations, for the widows, orphans and least of these. As well as for the business peoples, affluent, sailors, and like. I love people and I want to share their stories. I want to encourage you to enter into the stories of these people. To pray, to hope, to live. I believe that we have so much to hope in and find our joy in because of the life breath that God sustains us with. Jesus is the God of healing, restoration, and reconciliation. More than ever, I believe that life is to be centered on Christ. Everything that I share comes from a solid foundation in God, the great I AM. I seek to not only tell stories of people and the things I am up to, but I will share about others working toward the same end. I will share of major issues occurring in our own backyards and abroad and how you can help if that is the story you wish to become a radical agent of change in.

I have a heart for it all, but I realize that I can't do it all. So I will seek to raise awareness about things occurring globally. I am always diving into these topics and having a blog will help myself consolidate all that I am learning. I envision this blog as a creative filing cabinet minus the bulky metal container.

I invite you to join me. Contact me if you want to learn more about certain topics. I am building a website dedicated to the stories of people I have met around the world. It will be a place where images are entwined with words. My desire is to provide sobering content cushioned by the amazing hope we have in Christ Jesus.

My heart is broken for the millions who walk around empty, lonely, hopeless, and joyless. For those who walk around in shame not living from their full potentially because they live in a lie that they are not loved for the core of who they are when in fact each one of us is beautifully made at the core of who we are... junk and all we are radically loved by God.

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