Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hide in the Light

I found this in my old folder of writing...I think it is a few years old.
I'm not sure what exactly I was writing about, but I reread this and
was encouraged to remain in the Light, to hide in the Light.

What makes the light so beautiful,
the shade so nice, and the reflections so real that they are too close to touch?
The photograph ripped in shreds…
the pieces left on the dusty floor
yet still whole in spirit.
Confusion and strife attack the being,
insecurities wavier a high price.
They take your grounds, your confidence, your trust
The way you feel the next day,
the way you stare…
It’s all the same when locked away.
That attic looks mighty fine
And the dusty chest looks like a good place to hide
Emotions are too great.
Cut them out and lock them away,
Get them out of mind ...
They only cloud the air
Causing dust to rise
But what if it wasn’t the emotion,
tt was the serpent sneaking through the mind
Not able to run fast enough
It went in for the kill
It stole the being making himself whole.
Parched of love and full of blood
All was right and he went to bed
Back at home laid a girl on the floor
The door was locked from the outside in.
She cried and cried and gave up the fight
Sat there shaking with fright

“Don’t cry, don’t cry,”
said a voice.
“Not all is lost
I hope you know that.”

“What?” the little one asked.

“Dry your tears, dry your tears," again she heard this voice.

“I don’t understand, who are you, why do you bother with me,
I’m not who you think I am, my soul is gone and im too close to failure.
The boy ripped out my heart and stomped on it.
The woman screamed her head off at me when I looked her way
The money was just on the street, I swear I needed it…I was hungry
I slept in the snow and then I found this house….empty and cold but better than out
I crawled up here, where the heat rises hoping to find somewhere to rest my eyes
Someone played a joke on me, locked me in
I was left alone once again.
Must I go on? I am not worth your wait.
Can’t you see, leave me be,
leave me be so I can cry.”

“I know you, I have been watching you for a long while.
I have been waiting and I will wait.”

“Are you stocking me too? “

“No, just waiting for you to be ready. Waiting for this day when you would lay broken on the floor.”

“Who are you?” the little girl asked.

“The light you hide from, the person who smiles at you on the streets at night.
I am in the leaves of the forest and the waves of sea, your Father, that you have not looked to see. Here I am in front of you, calling you from the shadows.
Be in my picture that captures eternity All I ask is for you to be free.
Give me your burdens. Cast off the chains.
Be free to let me take care of you,
To keep watching over thee.”

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