Thursday, October 9, 2008

Summer Lovin'

I am excited to think about teaching in the future. What a wonderful new dream that has been placed on my heart. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than working with Indonesian students for my TESOL practicum. There is such a joy and life among these students. I miss the bursts of laughter from these little ones. 

They are such a wonderful group of laughing and smiling kids...

and I see so much potential and life with each one of these kids. 

Above: I got to take photos with each class at this primary school I visited a few times while living with a family in Madiun in East Java. The girl in the red outfit, is Titis and I had the privilege of tutoring her a bit, she is bright and I know could change this world! 

Bottom photo: I remember meeting with a group of teachers in Madiun and these students were bursting at the door seams. I couldn't resist and I left the teachers to Mike and joined the first they appeared malu (shy) but they warmed up to this silly bule (white person) and enjoyed running in and out of my photos! 

What a peaceful though to think that I get to go back to this land of familiar laughter...though I was there such a short time, I feel such a connection with the people and Indonesian way of life. I'm ready to continue exploring the many islands, faces, and cultures of Indonesia. 


kartika said...

hi kelly how're u? still remember me? I really wanted to send e-mail to u, but instead I didn't had a spare time to write it. I face a lot of exam this month. :)

check my blog
and don't 4get to leave comments.

God Bless

Winz said...

kelly! you SHOULD come again! summer won't be summer w/o you :-)

YaNiis.HeRe said...

hi kelly..really nice i could find ur blog..