Thursday, November 6, 2008

What laughing does for your soul...

This morning a woke up in a daze, a funk, overwhelmed....with about 8 hours of sleep over the last few days total...I was not overjoyed to roll out of bed at 5:40 this morning to get prepared for my Thursday morning girls group at 6:15, but I went through the motions of getting ready...getting there...yadadiyadadi....I'm not sure why I get surprised to find that in community I find refreshment, a doesn't mean that everything else that is crazy in the world isn't occurring in my life and all around me, but it does give me a way to embrace the mixture of things in life that come my way. In community, unity is beautiful even in the pain of whoever is suffering at the moment. I love to watch the building of the body.

So on my way back to campus this morning...I was having a great conversation with my she's driving we make a turn....and a pan goes clunkittyclunk and she makes some funny remark about it....but in the meantime I look over at her and say, "You totally just ran a red light..." In shock, that she was totally oblivious to the red arrow she drove the midst of the interesting series of events...we laughed for a good while that my friend had payed more attention to the pan laughing at its clanking sounds than the street light....anyways it was the best dose of medicine a girl can get...well at least for this rainy autumn day. :)

I'm going to have a day and be at peace...Relief in the storm


Bea said...

haha isn't it awesome how small things in our day are actually what we really need to lift our spirits? =) nice picture..which reminds me. Can you send those pictures in Seattle to my email or something? =D I like storing pictures for memory sake.

Blog said...

ahem, walking poem <3 niice.