Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fascinating Children

Welcome to Jakarta! I am living in East Jakarta with the Napitupulu family and I am also teaching English at two different schools. Lucky for me and my love for children, the house is conveniently shares land with two schools full of anak-anak (children). I have found that with the lack of people I know in this big city, I am making fast friends with the children and teachers at Pilar Bangsa, one of the schools here...and I don't even teach there!


These are some of the primary school students and the K-2 class (in white shirts) I have gotten close to. While I was away for two weeks, the K-2 class drew pictures and wrote corresponding captions and then gave them to me. They were about Ms. Kelly and Ms. T (their teacher and a close friend here in Jakarta. I love to hang out with these kids during their recess!

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