Thursday, December 9, 2010

America's Oldest City: St. Augustine

Perhaps, I love St. Augustine because I like the works of St. Augustine...

Or perhaps it is because they have excellent Greek Coffee. Or because it is an artsy town. Maybe it is the Spanish architecture of old? Or the nautical community... Whatever it is, I must add St. Augustine to my list of top 7 places around the world.

I wasn't sure whether or not we would make it to St. Augustine, but the weather conditions were so favorable for going offshore that we made awesome headway on our trip to Ft. Lauderdale. So we ducked back inside and docked at St. Augustine Municipal Marina. After fueling up and washing the boat down, I took a much needed stroll around St. Augustine. Old town is just behind the harbour entrance.

Everything is beautiful in this archaic town. It was bitter cold, but the people were warm. I stopped into Gaufres & Goods, this amazing Polish/Greek cafe in Old Town. Why? Because I'm Greek...and really curious about my Greek heritage. So I tried Greek Coffee! It was great! However, not half as impressive as the family who owns the cafe. I talked with them for a good while. They told me I have to try smoked halibut next time I go fishing in Alaska. Apparently it beats smoked salmon!

Here are some photos from St. Augustine!

Old Town:

Ponce de Leon Hotel now Flagler College:

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