Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day Three: Morehead City-Wacca Wache Marina


Sunrise and dolphins outside my window. What a gift. I can't believe it...I really believe Mark Twain to be right when he said to throw of your bow lines because the adventure I am on is grand.

We pushed 180 miles down the ICW today. Just missing two major fronts and gailing winds, we decided to head on the outside. Along the ICW there are many inlets you can run in and out of depending if you want to travel inland or offshore in the Atlantic. Sometimes you can make a lot of time if you go on the outside and skip all the bridges along the ICW. So we decided to go out at Morehead City and it couldn't have been a better day for us. We passed Frying Pan Shoals and Cape Fear with no sweat. So many vessels are now at rest all around the shoals. The area is now known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic according to one of the dock masters in Morehead City.

Watching the weather we continued on until Little River Inlet at the North and South Carolina border. Another boat we met on our first day continued on and got hammered on the outside as they pushed it to Charleston.

We saw a lot more dolphins and some pretty stellar homes along the ICW in S.C. I love the bright colors and shutters on most houses down here. It is by far the most attractive scenery yet. Wacca Wache is a quaint marina...I will look forward to a day off...

Today's firsts: (1) The eery feeling of barren and backwoods bayou. (2) We thought we saw a log in the river...but it was a RACCOON swimming across the water. I'm sure glad we slowed down other wise that little fellow wouldn't have had much of a chance in our wake.

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