Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Ft. Lauderdale

Dear Ft. Lauderdale,

I am on sensory overload. Your resorts are numerous. Your vessels are beyond impressive...they make me think of extravagance and excess. Finding parking isn't so hard but paying for parking is near impossible. Tickets should be the new form of parking because using your broken "Pay Here" machines is useless. Dead ends are at every turn...our GPS high tech phones don't understand your ways. Your fire ants have made rinsing the boat a chore and not just play. Thirty something degrees seems to me inconceivable, it's Florida! Why are you soo cold.

Oh Ft. Lauderdale I will tell you what I like about you.

Your waters are brilliant sapphire and turquoise. I can see clear to the bottom and your seas are not too salt for me! Your beaches are full of sand and I love them. It was in the 70's briefly. I do thank you for that. Your palm trees and whispy sea breeze bring a sense of ease. I thank you for that too. I love your canals lined with private docks and luxurious homes. Stucco is everywhere and people know how to make their nests colorful. And though it is slightly tacky, you have quite the Christmas cheer.

Ft. Lauderdale you are a trip.

1 comment:

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